Coleman Small Engines sells and services the following models. Other models are available by special order.

Digital Sinemaster Generators

Model: IG770P

Max. output power is 0.77kVA Low noise design, 60-65 dB(A)/7m Lightweight and compact, only 10.5 kg A full tank of fuel can last for 3 constant hours Advanced inverter technology provides reliable power to computers and other sensitive equipments

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Model: IG1000P

Quiet and lightweight, the IG1000P lets you bring an outdoor power source to wherever you need it. It can run a radio/CD/DVD player, television, computer, small coffee maker, electric drill, or lights. You can even add a 500 watt spotlight to your IG1000 with an optional mobile light kit. The IG1000P allows parallel operation meaning you can pair it with another IG1000P, an IG2000P, or an IG2600P for additional power. An optional parallel kit is required.

Output 900-1000 watts

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Model: IG2000P

The IG2000P gives you more power with a compact portable design. It can run a small refrigerator or microwave oven, electric skillet or a portable heater. You can connect two IG2000P generators using an optional parallel wiring kit to double your maximum power output. This allows starting and running a 13,500 BTU air conditioner under most conditions. The operator is given greater versatility as two of the 31 lb. units can be transported and lifted easier than a larger 3000 watt generator. For activities not requiring the added power, one generator could be used. The IG2000P and be paired with an IG1000P and an IG2600P as well. A powerful 500 watt mobile spotlight is available.

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Model: IG2600HP

The IG2600HP comes available in standard and parallel versions. A convenient retractable wheel and handle kit makes it very easy to transport and move around the camp site. With a 2300 watt run load, it provides a lot of steady clean power to operate a number of different appliances and tools. With the optional parallel kit, two IG2600HP models can be connected to provide 5200 watts of power and run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner.

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Model: IG3000

The IG3000 handles large power needs. Run a 13,500 BTU air conditioner or a 1.2 HP air compressor or an automatic washer. It comes with an electric starter and a maintenance free battery. The standard wheel kit with locking swivel wheels makes it extremely easy to move on all but the roughest surfaces. Its low noise design makes it acceptable in any campground. Its large capacity fuel tank enables it to run 8 hours at full load on a single tank of gasoline. It features a 120V 20A duplex and a 30 amp twist lock receptacle.

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Model: IG3000E

The rugged design of the Kipor Professional Series IG3000E generator gives you the dependability you need on the job site. Itís ideal for rental, construction and industrial applications. Even better, the IG3000E also has inverter technology that produces a pure sine wave suitable for powering sophisticated electronic equipment.

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Model: IG4300

Kipor introduces an advanced, higher powered version of its best selling IG3000. With a full load potential of 4000 watts, it can easily run a number of appliances simultaneously with the same high quality and clean power. It features dual 120 and 240V capability enabling it to run all types of appliances and tools. The added horse power of the 277 cc engine and the larger alternator enable it to start and run most air conditioners without start capacitors. The IG4300 also features a digital panel displaying voltage, amps, and frequency along with a duplex GFCI receptacle.

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Model: IG6000H

The IG6000H is designed with the larger trailers in mind. With a max load of 6000 watts and dual 120/240 voltage, it can easily power many appliances with a power draining startup. The 5500 watt run load enables the simultaneous operation of a number of appliances and tools. The panel has been redesigned to feature a voltage selection switch and a GFCI receptacle as well as a more convenient and accessible L14-30R 240V receptacle. The IG6000H model features wheelbarrow style handles and large pneumatic tires enhancing portability over rough surfaces.

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